The FMR-500 seen here offers the latest advancements in wireless microphone technology. Utilizing features like Auto ClearScan, Smart Battery and a host of display features, the FMR-500 offers features not seen on any other product


Condenser design for studio-quality vocal and instrument applications Extended response for smooth, natural sonic characteristics Rugged all-metal construction and on/off switch Soft-touch finish for a secure, comfortable grip and reduced mechanical noise Battery/phantom operation for maximum versatility

Shure SM57 Vocal / Instrument Microphone

Shure SM57 Vocal / Instrument Microphone

SM57 Vocal / Instrument Microphone description:

The Shure SM57 unidirectional dynamic microphone is exceptional for musical instrument pickup or for vocals. With its bright, clean sound and carefully contoured presence rise, the SM57 is ideal for live sound reinforcement and recording. It has an extremely effective cardioid pickup pattern which isolates the main sound source while minimizing background noise.

Shure SM58

The Shure SM58 unidirectional (cardioid) dynamic vocal microphone is designed for professional vocal use in live performance, sound reinforcement, and studio recording. It has a tailored vocal response for a sound which is a world standard for singing or speech. A highly effective, built-in spherical filter minimizes wind and breath "pop" noise. A cardioid pickup pattern isolates the main sound source while minimizing unwanted background noise.

EV N/D 967

exceptional performance is a must in demanding, high volume, on-stage situations, the N/D967 is the microphone of choice. An extraordinarily tight pickup pattern, specially tailored frequency response, the highest gain-before feedback and unrivaled low handling noise make this microphone the ultimate for vocal power and clarity. The N/D967 features an exclusive, low profile grille that puts the performer's voice as close as possible to the microphone element. Thus, the N/D967 picks up more of what the engineer wants - the singer's voice, and less of everything else, from cymbals, stage rumble and vibration, and especially monitors, all combining to minimize feedback while at the same time providing exceptional sound.

EV RE410

The RE410 is a high-performance cardioid condenser vocal microphone which is ideal for serious pop, rock and rap vocalists. It features a crisp, clear top end and sweet mid-range characteristics to lift your voice out of the mix. In addition, it features a warm-grip handle for a great feel, and ultra-low handling noise. “Lift your voice out of the mix” with the RE410, only from Electro-Voice.

Shure Drum Mic Kit

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